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After The Cleveland Cavaliers demolished The Boston Celtics in Game 3 , 124-95, Rajon Rondo came out on a mission in Game 4 to make sure The C’s would not give up another game like they did. Rondo scored 29 points, dished out 13 assist, grabbed 18 rebounds and made a tremendous pass to Tony Allen in the 3rd quarter, avoiding a chase down block by Lebron James. The Celtics would win 97-87 and tie the series up at 2 games apiece.

In game one Cleveland did what they do so well and that is win at home defeating the Celtics 101-93. Rondo took control in the first half but Lebron took care of business in the second half, finishing with 35 points on the night and a win.

Game two belonged to the Celtics as they won 104 to 86 behind 13 points and a franchise best 19 assist by Rondo who has been the catalyst for all the Celtics wins so far.

Game three was Lebron James dismantling the Celtics on his own, out scoring them in the first quarter by himself 21-17. The Cavs would take an early lead and never look back. Oh and Lebron’s elbow, what about it? James finished with 38 points and a 2-1 series lead.

Game five heads back to Cleveland for what is sure to be as we have seen, either a blowout for the Cavs or a blowout for The C’s.



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