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The Philadelphia Phillies just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to cheating. Wednesday MLB Officials told the Phillies they have to remove the binoculars out of their bullpen after Colorado Rockies accused the Phillies of using the binoculars to steal signs.

The incident happened Monday night when a camera for the Rockies showed bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer looking through his binoculars during the second inning and outfielder Shane Victorino going into the dugout and getting on the bullpen phone later on in the second inning. Charlie Manuel denied the reports but this is the Phillies third time being accused of cheating dating back to 2007 when The New York Mets accused them and then in 2008 when The Boston Red Sox accused them.

Billmeyer didn’t comment on the situation but Manuel added he had no idea that the binoculars were even in the bullpen but added then that Billmeyer was using them to watch Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz and how he set up during the game.

No fines have been made but expect MLB Officials to keep their eye out for anymore claims made by teams on the matter.



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