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12-70: Every New Jersey Nets fan will remember that number for years to come and this off-season will need to be flawless if Nets fans don’t want a repeat of what happened last year. Being a big time Nets fan, I decided, why not share my views on the topic and tell everyone my idea for the team? People, understand these are facts filled with ideas that I THINK WOULD BE GOOD! I will break down this post into three parts. This is Part One.

The Coach

First, of course, has to be the head coaching position. You can’t run a team if you don’t have a head coach. Just ask the Denver Nuggets. The two coaches I feel are great for the job are Jeff Van Gundy (430-318 Career W/L) and Avery Johnson (194-70 Career W/L).

Jeff Van Gundy is a coach with a great track record. From coaching the Knicks from 1995 until the beginning of 2002 and making the playoffs every year, to going to coach the Huston Rockets from 2003-2007 and making the playoffs every year but one (05-06). I would love for him to take the reins in New Jersey as coach.

Avery Johnson started his career as a coach in 2004 with the Dallas Mavericks and ended it in 2008. He coached two 60+ win seasons and one 50+ win season in his four years. Tell me that isn’t impressive and of course he had a star player named Dirk Nowitzki as well as Devin Harris, who was traded to the New Jersey Nets. Avery Johnson brings that fight a team needs as well as a good defensive coaching philosophy and strong work ethic.

John Calipari. I will say this once and only once. Though Calipari has a great track record as a COLLEGE coach he isn’t what we called NBA material unlike his players that only stay with him for one year. Example: Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans and this year John Wall. Both Rose and Evans earned Rookie of the Year Awards in back to back seasons and John Wall is the favored to win as well even though he has yet to be drafted. I know people will say “Well Hey, If he comes to the Nets he can take John Wall again, bring Lebron James in and then he’s good.” Yes that seems so fitting but the chances of all that happening are very tough. I rather take LBJ and Wall without Calipari.

The Nets need to go for experience right now. They need a coach that can come in and take control of the situation at hand and not worry about needing star players right away. Perfect example would be Scott Skiles, the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. He went to a team with really no super star and a really high draft pick, Brandon Jennings, and made it to the playoffs and almost got out of the first round. The Nets will have a high first round pick, of course and also two more picks in the top 31 to play with. Also Terrence Williams and Brook Lopez to but as corner stones of this team.

My Coach: I would choose Avery Johnson. He had Harris in Dallas and knows him well. He’s a coach that knows what he is doing and if he gets what he wants out of his players they will make big strides for success. Nets knew owner, Russian Billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov has given the Okay for Avery to be coach, I do too. Avery of course is a New Orleans boy and rumors link him to the Hornets vacant position. My hope is he goes to the Nets.

Part 2 will be up later on. Topic: Lebron James

-Tim Dimas


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