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Mariano Rivera watches the first grand slam he's given up since 2002

Can you baseball fans go back eight years ago and think about the New York Yankees? Well, if you’re a dedicated Yanks fan you can remember that was the last time Mariano Rivera gave up a grand slam. Fast forward to May 16th 2010, Rivera allows one.

It came in the ninth inning yesterday against the Minnesota Twins Jason Kubel. Kubel drilled a the ball into right field and cleared the bases as the Twins would go on to win 6-3, thanks in part to that home run.

After speaking to a few Yankees fans I get the sense that this isn’t a problem and I could have told you that with out talking to Yankees fans. Mariano Rivera is if not the greatest closer of all-time, then definitely a top 5. Rivera will bounce back and have another 40 plus save season. He has seven saves this year with a 1.59 ERA in 11 innings with 11 strikeouts. When The Sandman enters the game, teams should still fear what he is capable of doing. He might be 40 years old, but his cutter has yet to lose its touch.

-Tim Dimas


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