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40 points and a Win

So the true question is … when does The Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns series actually start. What we witnessed last night, I personally hope, isn’t what we should expect for the rest of what could be a short series. Kobe Bryant on the other hand witnessed what he wanted for the rest of the series.

Kobe Bryant scored 40 points and made sure people remembered he was still the best in the game. The Lakers last night seemed unable to do anything wrong. Shooting a remarkable 58% from the field for the game. Pau Gasol scoring 21 points and Lamar Odom with 19 off the bench, the Lakers were looking like the champs from last year and they showed no sings of slowing down.

Phoenix on the other hand. Well they did score 107 points right? That still wasn’t enough. The Suns, a team who on average this post season allowed 95 points or less to their opponents gave up 62 points in the first half and 128 for the game. I don’t think Phoenix got the fact that they aren’t playing The Portland Trail Blazers or The San Antonio Spurs. They aren’t playing Brandon Roy, Manu Ginobili but playing Kobe Bryant. Grant Hill met the floor a bunch of times including in the final seconds when Kobe crossed him up and Hill slipped. The Suns need to stop Kobe for they stop anyone else. Kobe runs the Lakers win. Kobe¬†nonexistent, the Suns have a better chance.

I don’t think this series is over though. I think the Suns will regroup and next game will be a lot closer at the Staples Center. The Suns can score at will and when they are on their is no stopping them. Hey they shot 49% from the field. They just need to guard a lot better and keep LA on their feet.

Game two is scheduled for Wednesday May 19th. Lakers hold a 1-0 series lead as the Suns look to steal a game away. Maybe they should call up the Celtics for a little bit of advice on how to do that.

-Tim Dimas


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