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Lopez would be a nice fit for LeBron James and other Free Agents

I waited until tonight to put Part 3 into works. Part 3 of course is the off season moves. I waited until after the NBA Draft Lottery to really start to think about this. After an hour and half thought process I came to the understanding the Nets aren’t in a horrible situation. As Brandon Tierney said on Twitter, “OK Net fans, pick yourself up, google any past NBA Draft, and look at how many NBA legends were drafted after the top 2 spots. You’re fine” Maybe he was just saying it cause he didn’t want anyone committing suicide tonight. Even so here are my ideas into who the Nets should draft at #3 and sign during the off-season.

Draft: If the Nets are content with being at number 3 I would like them to select DeMarcus Cousins, Freshman out of Kentucky. A front court of Lopez and Cousins would look very nice for years to come. Do I think the Nets might make a move to go to number 1? Yes I can see it happening.  Do they have to though? No they don’t. At the end of the day Devin Harris is more then capable of running the point. Injuries are the only thing that hurts him. When healthy he is a nightmare match up for teams because of his speed. Devin Harris, DeMarcus Cousins and Brook Lopez in the starting 5. Can’t say I don’t like it. Lets fill in though who the Nets should sign to help these three players.

Free Agency: Of course the 3 most talked about free agents are LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Question for Nets fans which one to two players do you bring in? I really can’t see not two of these players on the same team. With Cousins do the Nets really need to go after Chris Bosh? If he’s the only choice yes if not then no. Do the Nets need Dwayne Wade badly? Shooting guard position is wide open. Courtney Lee is there but is he a starter or a bench player. The Nets can also option for Joe Johnson. LeBron James though is of course one of the only three free agents I can’t see the Nets not going after uncontrollably. The Nets have about 24 million to spend this off season not including the mid-level exception or the minimum exception.  So LeBron will command a max contract. They would then have to do a sign and trade with either Toronto or Miami for Bosh or Wade. Even so the Nets only have 24 mil to play with doesn’t mean that’s all. Don’t forget they have a billionaire owner who came out and said he wants to win next year and if not next year then in the next 5 years. Call him crazy but money talks and if he can talk to these stars I don’t see why they wouldn’t sign. But lets say for arguments sake the Nets can only get LBJ. I’m still in favor of adding Joe Johnson. Harris, Johnson, James, Cousins and Lopez is a great starting 5. A play-off team without a doubt and with James it’s a definite Conference Finals possibility.

So we have a possible starting 5 but who’s going to fill the bench roles. Courtney Lee, Chris Douglas-Roberts (If the Nets pick up his contract by June 30th) Kris Humphries, Yi Jianlian and Terrence Williams. Not bad but could use a bit tweaking. If the Nets sign Johnson and LBJ they will have blown their salary cap and only be left with mid-level and minimum exceptions. So who to sign? I say back up point guard and call me crazy but the hometown boy himself, Shaquille O’Neal. Two young centers on your team having one of thee best centers in NBA History teach them for a year or two wouldn’t be so bad. Shaq would be a solid 10-15 minute kind of a guy. 8-10 points and 5-6 rebounds a game but a teacher as well. Point guard now though.  Steve Blake, Luke Ridnour, and Randy Foyle are all possible options for the mid level. All have been in the league long enough and a bench role is something they could work well with. Of course the Nets have two more picks in the draft but this year’s draft isn’t really stocked with tons of point guards. The Nets can choose out of Eric Bledsoe out of Kentucky, Willie Warren out of Oklahoma, Jon Scheyer out of Duke, Sherron Collins from Kansas or Denis Clemente from Kansas State. One guy who doesn’t look like he will get drafted is Scottie Reynolds out of Villanova. Hey if the Nets can invite him as an undrafted rookie free agent I’ll take it. Lets say the Nets sign Blake. I think Blake is a great back up. Solid three point shooter and passing abilities. Would fit perfect in a half court scheme but can run up and down the floor.

If all goes to plan this would be the roster.

Starting Line up:

PG: Devin Harris

SG: Joe Johnson

SF: LeBron James

PF: DeMarcus Cousins

C:Brook Lopez

Bench: Shaq, Blake, C. Lee, CDR, T. Williams, Humphries, Yi, Draft Pick, Draft Pick.

Hey these are my thoughts. I think they fit and have good reasoning to it. I hope as many other Nets fans do, this will be a team we can look at and enjoy.

-Tim Dimas


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