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Nothing like a Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers Finals to really wrap up the season before the much anticipated free agency class of all time.

Lakers and Celtics will face each other tonight at the Staples Center at 9pm. Kobe Bryant THE BEST PLAYER in the league and the KING of the RING will go out tonight and play basketball the way he knows best and that’s by taking over the game and scoring at will.

The Celtics Paul Pierce I think will be the biggest factor for tonights game and the rest of the series. Ray Allen can score yes but isn’t the total package. If his three point shot isn’t working then the rest of his game dies. Kevin Garnett isn’t the explosive player he used to be. He still has the passion every night on the court but I’m not trusting him to do much for the team other then be the leader. Rajon Rondo will be another factor but I feel Pierce will be the go to guy. He can shot, drive, rebound and defend. It will be interesting to see if Doc Rivers puts him on Kobe or will Ray Allen take the defensive stand and let Pierce worry about his offensive game.

Andrew Bynum is a question mark for tonights game. After getting his knee drained Monday and then it swelling up again two days later it is unsure how many minutes he will play and that could be a factor for this Laker team as it was in 2008 when Bynum was out with knee problems and Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol couldn’t handle the toughness the Celtics show.

Tonights game I’m giving to the Lakers. Its the opening game at home and I don’t think Kobe want’s to go down 0-1 to start the series.


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