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After what I and every other sports addict or common people saw last night happen to Armando Galarraga the whole “life isn’t fair bit” is for real.

Last night Galarraga stepped to the mound not knowing that in two hours he’d be one out away from the 3rd perfect game this season and the 21st in MLB History. He also stepped to the mound not knowing that he WOULD get the out but first base umpire Jim Joyce would have a moment of stupidity and call the base runner safe which , no replay needed, was obvious the runner was out. The site of Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera was right on point. A minute of throwing your arms in the air excited because your teammate just threw a perfect game to a disbelief look at what you just saw the umpire signal at first base.

Jim Joyce had this to say, “I just cost the kid a perfect game …. I thought he beat the throw. I was convinced he beat the throw, until I saw the replay.” Well Jim you were right you did cost this kid a perfect game.

MLB Officials and Commissioner Bud Selig are in talks this morning about over turning the call and giving Armando what he deserves and that is perfection. My questions out of all of this is A. why did the three other umpires who have clear vision of the play call for a discussion to talk together and make the right call. B. when will MLB realize its time to forget old fashion and institute replays. There is already replays for home runs why not add it for things like this. Baseball is already close to a three hour sport what will 5 minutes more due? Get the right call? Joe West might have a problem but he can be dealt with later. What happened last night was awful and for Armando Galarraga to keep a straight face and go after the next batter was commendable and professional. I can bet other pitchers would have gone nuts but he kept his composure and got the next batter out to finish the game and at least give his team the win.

This story is far from being over and after todays meeting I hope the call is overturn and Armando Galarraga can place his name into the history books as the 21st pitcher in MLB History to throw a perfect game.

-Timmy Dimas


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