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Ray Allen was probably thinking "Please let this one go in" during an 0-13 night

Game two of the NBA Finals was a night for Ray Allen to remember. 27 points in the first half. 7 three pointers to tie and NBA Finals record, in the first half. Allen would get number 8 in the second and the Boston Celtics would capture game 2 of the series to take it back to Boston 1-1.

Game three for Ray Allen though. Something he and Boston fans will remember for a long time. Ray Allen went 0-13, let me say it again 0-13 and only earning two points thanks to free throws. This is the same guy that just a game before seemed unstoppable and was a sign that the Los Angeles Lakers wouldn’t be able to grasp a championship this year. Well they raise as quickly as the fall. Not to say though that Boston couldn’t have won last nights game. With one minute left in the game down four, Ray Allen got an open three point look from the corner, his favorite spot, and hit the rim and bounced away. Derek Fisher grabbed the ball and pushed up court against a Celtics team that was mesmerized at how awful Allen was. Rondo went from Mr. Triple Double to 11 points, 8 assist and 3 rebounds. That my friends is what we call average point guard numbers.

And so the Lakers have taken a 2-1 series lead. Paul Pierce said at the end of game 2 “We ain’t coming back to LA”, That still can hold true if the Lakers win out the next two games in Boston. Pierce though now wants to go back to LA.

-Timmy Dimas


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