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Who ever owns this Rookie Card is one rich person

The hype these past 8 months for when would Stephen Strasburg make his major league debut came to and end last night and oh how the young man not fail to please the spectators at the game and the rest of the baseball world.

Strasburg struck out 14 players in his first major league career start. He struck out each member of the Pittsburgh Pirates line up. He threw a nasty curveball that made Delwyn Young look like he needed to be sent down to the minors. He came after players with a 101mph fast ball, then slowed it down to a 94mph before throwing sliders and change ups that made you wonder was this kid not human. Though he did give up a 2-run home run to Young in the 4th inning, it did not faze him. He would comeback to strikeout the next seven batters with ease and show people that the hype wasn’t just hype. It was something that you should expect from the 20 year old flame throwing pitcher who spent most of his life as a relief pitcher in high school and through out most of college before his junior year.

The number 1 pick in the draft last year destroyed competition in the minors going 7-2 with a 1.50era. Not bad for the minors right? How about 7 innings 0 walks and 14 k’s. Now if that isn’t impressive I don’t know what is.

Jim Riggleman had a though choice though in the 6th and 7th inning. To let his new ace continue and go over the pitch count or take him out. He went risky but the reward was perfect. He got everything he could have asked for in his pitcher. Now the question is, can Strasburg sustain this the rest of the season. His next three starts are against The Cleveland Indians, the Chicago Whitesoxs, the Baltimore Orioles and back to the NL to face the Atlanta Braves. Not to put down the Pirates but they aren’t a difficult task. They have been beaten 20-0 this season so Strasburg fanning them 14 times wasn’t a complete surprise to them.

Curt Schilling said this kid would have an impact the second he took the mound. His impact was close to an earthquake in the baseball world. He shook the Pirates line up up  and shook the heads of many people watching who just couldn’t believe what they were watching. Lets see how long Strasburg now goes before he becomes human once again.


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