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An American Hero on this day

91 minutes of soccer had been played. Robbery committed again. This time though USA would not be denied a victory thanks to the brilliance of Landon Donovan.

Clint Dempsey had appeared to have given the US the goal they would need to give them the chance to advance off the foot of Herculez Gomez but the lines referee called it offsides but again replays show everything and Dempsey was more then on sides. In the 57th minutes Dempsey would get another chance to be heroic but his first shot would hit the cross bar and his rebound would go out of play. Jozy Altidore missed a point blank open shot. Edson Buddle missed opportunities to score or assist on multiple occasions but team USA never gave up.

In the 91 first minute, 3 minutes away from elimination, Altidore, off a pass from Donovan, came up the right side squeezed a pass to Dempsey who took the shot. It bounced off Algeria’s goalkeeper Rais M’Bolhi hands and to the foot of the hero Donovan who placed the ball in the spot the whole Nation wanted to see it placed, the back of the net. Landon stormed to the left corner kick post slid head first and awaited as his team on the field and bench would pummel onto him with their over joyous and much deserved happiness.

Landon Donovan finished with just one shot on target in the match. It would finish as the game and the group winner.  Round 2 is next for the US. No more next game from here on end. It’s win or go home. By the looks of the game today USA has no desire or plans to go home just yet.

-Timmy Dimas


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