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After destroying Argentina 4-0 on Saturday, Germany are now one game away from what they have been practicing for the past four year, The World Cup.

Germany was in the Cup game in 2002 in which they were defeated by now ousted Brazil 2-0. That team with Oliver Kahn as their  goalie who infamously lost the ball out of the grip of his hands which gave Brazil’s legendary striker Ronaldo a put back goal to give Brazil their second goal of the game. That team was lead by captain Michael Ballack who missed this World Cup due to an injury he suffered with his club team, Chelsea, a month before the games began. He though like Kahn aren’t being missed.

Miroslav Klose, Germany’s forward is making sure he’s the only one people talk about after this World Cup. At age 32 this could be Klose last World Cup and he wants to go out on top in more ways then one. After his two goal performance against Argentina, Miroslav (14 goals) is one goal away from tying Brazil’s Ronaldo (15 goals) for most goals in World Cup play and two goals away from surpassing him and standing alone on top. Klose has four goals in this world cup, one less then Spain’s David Villa who is another player on the rise for his country. With one game for certain remaining Klose wants to get his name to shine bright but I’m sure he looks more for a win then a goal as a nation gets prepared to watch him and his teammates go into battle against Spain in the Semi-Finals for a chance to play the final game of the tournament.

-Timmy Dimas


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