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Back to the practice field he goes



Who would have thought we’d see a World Cup where three of the top players in the world, Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres, and Christiano Ronaldo would all add up their goal totals to just one. I wouldn’t have but it’s looking like that is how it will end.

Ronaldo, the only one of the three to score, and Messi are both out of the tournament after their teams lost this past week. Ronaldo’s goal came during the group stage where Portugal routed Korea 7-0. If Ronaldo didn’t score in that game 2012 would be something I’d take more seriously. Messi took 23 shots through his tournament games and didn’t seem able to put one in the back of the net and Torres has taken a backseat to David Villa who has scored four more goals then the three players combined with 5 total for the world cup.


As scene on TV

Question now is why are these players so noneffective? Is it that the teams they face have set out a defensive scheme to keep the ball away from them or is it that the world stage has gotten them a little nervous. Either way Ronaldo and Messi are both out and Torres is left to fend for himself in this poor world cup performance. Portugal was very upset at Ronaldo’s performance as I’m sure Argentina was with Messi’s and Spain is on the brink of benching Torres in their match up against Germany this upcoming week. We could even throw in Kaka from Brazil who seemed to have disappeared from the soccer pitch as well. Wayne Rooney did no good for England as they were eliminated in the first round. It seems that the players just don’t know how to perform when it counts the most. The only difference between Spain and the other countries listed is that they don’t have a player by the name of David Villa that can pick up the slacking star in Torres.



Maybe the hair change affected his game

Villa has 5 goals in 5 games leading the tournament in goals and now has 8 for his career. 8 away from breaking the record. His foot will be much needed against this tough German team who is only the third team in world cup history to score 4 goals in 3 or more games during the tournament. Torres ironiclly was the only scorer for Spain when they faced Germany in 2008 Qualifying games for the World Cup. Now he might be brought off the bench.



-Timmy Dimas


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