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LCD-LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade

It’s been a couple days since LeBron James has announced his decision to join the Miami Heat. I had to sit back and really absorb what had happened that night. At first and for most of the next day I was in a state of disbelief and was very upset about his decision. I couldn’t understand why he would make a move like that. Of course me being a Nets fan I wanted him in NJ even though I knew those chances were slim to none. As the days went on I started to get really excited about the move. Here is why, History.

I’m in the mood to ‘witness’ history down in Miami. 72 wins in a season broken? I’ll take it. A possible 6 peat? I’ll take it. What about 7 or 8 straight titles. Is it possible? I think not but how surreal would it be to see that done.

I’m not mad at LeBron for going down to Miami. He did what he wanted. What made him happy. Cleveland fans need to get over it. He did things for YOU guys not the other way around. He entertained YOU. He brought basketball back to YOU. It was the ORGANIZATION that didn’t do anything for YOU. You guys are all pumped after Dan Gilbert’s e-mail? Where was that passion when LeBron was there. You went out and got Antwan Jamison? Why not Amar’e Stoudemire like LBJ wanted. Cleveland it isn’t LeBron’s fault for leaving. It’s the ORGANIZATIONS and I will stand by it. So go ahead and throw you little fits and rant about how much you hate LBJ but remember he was the guy that gave it his all every night. He was the one that put on a show and gave Cleveland a name. Remember it was Dan Gilbert who didn’t do the necessary things to help LBJ to win. Know that Pat Riley will.

The Miami Heat have never looked so clear and prime to win as they do now in LCD.

-Timmy Dimas


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