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After a month of holding out, Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets has finally come to an agreement with the team and will be ready to go next Monday night verse The Baltimore Ravens.

The terms of the deal were in favor of the Jets. 4 years 46 million with 32 million guaranteed. In total, including the 3 he has remaining, that is 7 years. 3 short of the amount he wanted and a couple million less then he desired but at the end of the day Revis I would assume decided why lose a year and hurt my status more.

One thing though that I did find annoying was not from Revis or The Jets. It was the response of the fans to Revis finally getting signed. I saw a lot of “Finally, it took this long. Come on Darrelle.” or “Whatever Darrelle, way to waste all this time for no reason.” To those Jets fans from a Jet fan myself, you are ignorant and do not understand that without Revis on the field the team in no shape or form will live up to it’s expectations this season. Revis is the corner stone to the defense. Would you rather have Cromartie, Mr. I Can’t Tackle as your number 1? I didn’t think so. Be glad he signed. Just a week ago you were crying for him to sign. Don’t slander him now.

“I’m coming home baby!!! Revis Island. Let’s Go,” Revis tweeted shortly after midnight. Revis welcome home. The left side of the field has been waiting for you. Now go shut down some receivers and show the critics AGAIN why you deserved the money.

Tim Dimas



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