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On Air: The Official Blog of WSJU Sports

This is the official blog of Dan ‘The Funny Man’ Martin and Tim ‘The Greek’ Dimas. They are the Sports Directors of WSJU Radio, the home of everything St. Johns. Tim and Dan began their careers at WSJU as Freshman during the 09-10 year. After a full year they looked to succeed the former Directors who were graduating and were award the title of Directors of Sports for the upcoming 2010-2011 year. They will be entering their Sophomore Year as well as their second year of broadcasting Red Storm Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. They hold weekly shows on talking about MLB, NBA, NFL and NCCAB during each sports respective season. Tim and Dan aspire to join the elites of sports radio and look to start their dream at WSJU. ESPN may have the name but Dan and Tim have the passion that is needed. They need one mic (each) the rest will be said


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