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Landon Donovan and Edson Buddle returned last night to their MLS careers looked upon as hero’s. Every time either player touched the ball the crowd would erupt in chants of the players names or USA.It didn’t take long for the two to hook up for the LA Galaxy’s first goal of the match.

In the 18th minute of the game, Donovan swung a beauty of a pass into the box off a corner kick to Buddle who picked up where he left off before going to South Africa and heading the ball into the back of the net for his 10th goal of the season. Buddle who was a no show at the World Cup playing very rarely had many chances when in S. Africa to score. He couldn’t then but he could for his club team last night.

The goal of the night though had to be given to Juninho who rocked a missile 30+ feet out from the box into the upper right hand corner of the goal. A beautiful shot by the 21 year old Brazilian for his first goal of the season.

The Galaxy would go on to defeat the Seattle Sounders 3-1 and continue their dominance of the league. For Buddle and Donovan, their World Cup dreams are over for now but they still have a chance to capture a title.

-Tim Dimas


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Back to the practice field he goes



Who would have thought we’d see a World Cup where three of the top players in the world, Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres, and Christiano Ronaldo would all add up their goal totals to just one. I wouldn’t have but it’s looking like that is how it will end.

Ronaldo, the only one of the three to score, and Messi are both out of the tournament after their teams lost this past week. Ronaldo’s goal came during the group stage where Portugal routed Korea 7-0. If Ronaldo didn’t score in that game 2012 would be something I’d take more seriously. Messi took 23 shots through his tournament games and didn’t seem able to put one in the back of the net and Torres has taken a backseat to David Villa who has scored four more goals then the three players combined with 5 total for the world cup.


As scene on TV

Question now is why are these players so noneffective? Is it that the teams they face have set out a defensive scheme to keep the ball away from them or is it that the world stage has gotten them a little nervous. Either way Ronaldo and Messi are both out and Torres is left to fend for himself in this poor world cup performance. Portugal was very upset at Ronaldo’s performance as I’m sure Argentina was with Messi’s and Spain is on the brink of benching Torres in their match up against Germany this upcoming week. We could even throw in Kaka from Brazil who seemed to have disappeared from the soccer pitch as well. Wayne Rooney did no good for England as they were eliminated in the first round. It seems that the players just don’t know how to perform when it counts the most. The only difference between Spain and the other countries listed is that they don’t have a player by the name of David Villa that can pick up the slacking star in Torres.



Maybe the hair change affected his game

Villa has 5 goals in 5 games leading the tournament in goals and now has 8 for his career. 8 away from breaking the record. His foot will be much needed against this tough German team who is only the third team in world cup history to score 4 goals in 3 or more games during the tournament. Torres ironiclly was the only scorer for Spain when they faced Germany in 2008 Qualifying games for the World Cup. Now he might be brought off the bench.



-Timmy Dimas

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After destroying Argentina 4-0 on Saturday, Germany are now one game away from what they have been practicing for the past four year, The World Cup.

Germany was in the Cup game in 2002 in which they were defeated by now ousted Brazil 2-0. That team with Oliver Kahn as their  goalie who infamously lost the ball out of the grip of his hands which gave Brazil’s legendary striker Ronaldo a put back goal to give Brazil their second goal of the game. That team was lead by captain Michael Ballack who missed this World Cup due to an injury he suffered with his club team, Chelsea, a month before the games began. He though like Kahn aren’t being missed.

Miroslav Klose, Germany’s forward is making sure he’s the only one people talk about after this World Cup. At age 32 this could be Klose last World Cup and he wants to go out on top in more ways then one. After his two goal performance against Argentina, Miroslav (14 goals) is one goal away from tying Brazil’s Ronaldo (15 goals) for most goals in World Cup play and two goals away from surpassing him and standing alone on top. Klose has four goals in this world cup, one less then Spain’s David Villa who is another player on the rise for his country. With one game for certain remaining Klose wants to get his name to shine bright but I’m sure he looks more for a win then a goal as a nation gets prepared to watch him and his teammates go into battle against Spain in the Semi-Finals for a chance to play the final game of the tournament.

-Timmy Dimas

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We're holding our heads too Tim.

I wish for the sake of US soccer World Cup Officials would allow the US to start the game at the 15 minute mark because that way they won’t have allowed a goal early on. Then again that’d be like me saying I wish the NCAA would allow St. Johns Basketball to only play the first half because they always lose in the second. No time to whine though. USA played with their hearts and fought game in and game out but there wasn’t enough comeback magic to last the whole tournament and it caught up to them finally.

After giving up a goal, again, in the first five minutes of the game (Kevin-Prince Boateng with the goal) USA had to fight back the whole game. They had a great opportunity late in the first half when Robbie Findley had an open lane to the goal took a shot directly at Ghana’s goalie Richard Kingson who made the save. The key word in that sentence was OPPORTUNITY. The US had multiple chances to win the game tonight whether it was off the foot of Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley, Landon Donovan or Clint Dempsey, they had their chance and never took full advantage of it. They caught a lucky break in the 60th minute when Dempsey was taken down in the box and the US was awarded a penalty kick. In World Cup history only 69% of penalty shots were made. Not a number I felt to comfortable about but Landon Donovan popped the ball in the back of the net as it grazed off the right cross bar. Two more inches right and it would have missed. That gave Donovan 3 goals in this World Cup. He needed one more to help his team but he didn’t come up the winner this time. Asamoah Gyan, the guy from the beginning of the match I said the US had to be watching all game (4 games, 3 goals), came up with a beauty of a goal in the 93rd minute. Of course the US would give up a goal 3 minutes into overtime right.

Thought the US lost and are headed home from South Africa I did see one bright spot in this tournament and that was off the field. I saw a lot more soccer fans come out then in recent memory. I know people say “of course it’s the World Cup” but I’ve been apart of many World Cups and every year I see a steady increase in fans. Though it might ever be big in the US as I hope it would, I’ll take the increase in fans and now sit back for the next four years and dream of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and hope the US team doesn’t have to see Ghana at all.

-Timmy Dimas

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An American Hero on this day

91 minutes of soccer had been played. Robbery committed again. This time though USA would not be denied a victory thanks to the brilliance of Landon Donovan.

Clint Dempsey had appeared to have given the US the goal they would need to give them the chance to advance off the foot of Herculez Gomez but the lines referee called it offsides but again replays show everything and Dempsey was more then on sides. In the 57th minutes Dempsey would get another chance to be heroic but his first shot would hit the cross bar and his rebound would go out of play. Jozy Altidore missed a point blank open shot. Edson Buddle missed opportunities to score or assist on multiple occasions but team USA never gave up.

In the 91 first minute, 3 minutes away from elimination, Altidore, off a pass from Donovan, came up the right side squeezed a pass to Dempsey who took the shot. It bounced off Algeria’s goalkeeper Rais M’Bolhi hands and to the foot of the hero Donovan who placed the ball in the spot the whole Nation wanted to see it placed, the back of the net. Landon stormed to the left corner kick post slid head first and awaited as his team on the field and bench would pummel onto him with their over joyous and much deserved happiness.

Landon Donovan finished with just one shot on target in the match. It would finish as the game and the group winner.  Round 2 is next for the US. No more next game from here on end. It’s win or go home. By the looks of the game today USA has no desire or plans to go home just yet.

-Timmy Dimas

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USA entered todays game knowing Slovenia was the leaders of the group. After a 1-1 draw with England this past Saturday USA knew this game would be a must win. If you only viewed the first half you most likely thought that the US team forgot they had to actually play soccer.

Valter Birsa scored the opening goal of the match. A beautiful strike about 25 yards out from the goal that had Tim Howard frozen in his tracks as the ball sailed into the back of the net. Howard came out to the 6 yard line to cut the angle off on the offense which turned out to be a mistake. After countless attempts by the US team, one attempt of which was saved by Slovenia’s defender as it nearly was put in by a sliding Landon Donovan, seemed to open up Slovenia’s defense but it would work not in favor of the US. After a strong attack forward, Slovenia captured the ball and pressed on a back peddling US team and Zlatan Ljubijankic got behind the defense and popped the second goal to give Slovenia a 2-0 lead into halftime.

Second half was a sign of what team USA was all about. Gritty, tough, fast pace soccer that should be played in the first half of games not just when US is down. Landon Donovan, after a mistake by Slovenia’s defender, raced up the right side of the pitch and into the box and with an incredible shot from an impossible angle, or so it appeared, gave the US some life a minute into the second half. USA would take that life and drain the energy out of Slovenia’s team. After consistent attempts at the goal Michael Bradley, son of coach Bob Bradley, scored what would be the tying goal in the 82′ minute of the match.

The turning moment of the game was off a free kick by Donovan which was put in the back of the net by Maurice Edu was called no goal by an “apparent” offside. Replay’s show the referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco had, again for the 200th time in the match, made a terrible call which cost the US team one of the most unbelievable comeback’s in World Cup Soccer history.

There is no discussion the game should have ended 3-2 in favor of the US but as it stands the game finished 2-2 and the US now is in a must WIN situation if they as Ian Darke would say “Want to make it into the the knock out round”. The hope is still there, the faith is still alive, the game is not over…. just yet

-Timmy Dimas

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