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“I’m going to take it all the way to New York and play for St. John’s,” Harrison said as he donned a “I Love NY” hat on his head and that seals the deal for another top recruit coming to St. Johns and joining Lavin’s “Ark”.

The 6’3″ guard from Missouri City, Texas chose The Red Storm over Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Big East Rival Marquette.

Harrison joins Maurice Harkless and JaKarr Sampson as the third recruit to join the 2011 St. John’s recruiting list in the past two months. Coach Lavin had an in-home visit with D’Angelo Harrison in Texas on Tuesday.

“Coach Lavin is a very straight up guy and he had a plan for how I would fit. Plus, he told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear,” said Harrison.

Harrison is one of the best shooting guards in the country scoring 20.9 points during his 2009 high school season at John Foster Dulles High. The 44th ranked player in the 2011 recruiting class is a lethal from the perimeter and explosion off the dribble. Not only can he shoot and take the ball to the rim aggressively, he can also come off and fight through screens something that opens Lavin’s play book even more.

In this high tempo offense that Lavin seems to be putting together, Harrison will cause a lot of match up problems for defenses who have to worry about the lanky slashers in Harkless and Sampson and now Harrison around the arc waiting to rain threes.

Don’t look now folks but St. Johns is now #9 in the Class of 2011 Team Basketball Recruiting Rankings and seemly ready to add even more talent very soon. Nurideen Lindsey could be the next to join the back court with Harrison as well as the big man out of Long Beach, California, Norvel Pelle.

The storm is coming. Can you feel it?

-Tim Dimas



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If Izzo heads to the NBA he won't be cutting down anymore nets.

ESPN 1050NY is reporting that sources close to Michigan State coach Tom Izzo say he is leaving East Lansing and is headed to the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Honestly, this comes as a great surprise because, with all the success he has had at the college level, why would he go down what seems to be the dark road that many have gone down before with little success, the college to pro transition?

Ask John Calipari, Rick Pitino, and Tim Floyd how hard it is. Guys who have been well-regarded in college just can’t seem to find their footing at the pro level. Maybe it’s the difference in player personality, maybe it’s the level of competition, but there is something that just doesn’t translate.

There are two important things to consider. Firstly, why would he want to leave? With Lucas, Summers, Roe, and Green all returning to Michigan State, it seems they have a solid shot at winning the National Title. Clearly, if these reports are true, college has lost its allure to Izzo. If there is any chance to win it all again, this year is the year.

The other thing is this: what does it mean for the LeBron sweepstakes? LeBron has said nothing about hand-picking a coach or GM, and, outside of the Larry King interview, has not tipped his hand about where he may land.

In my opinion, Izzo would be going to Cleveland in hopes that LeBron will stay, but Izzo’s presence will not influence James as to where he will go. One must remember, in 2000, Atlanta offered Izzo a job and he turned it down. That was clearly because there was no chance to win. But, the thing is that, if LeBron leaves, Cleveland becomes that 2000 Hawks team. Izzo would really be rolling the dice.

Coach K was smart to turn down the Nets job this year, and it would be prudent for Izzo to stay where he is and make a run at the National Title this year.  But, the bright lights of the NBA and the prospect of coaching LeBron may be too strong to refuse this time around for Coach Izzo.

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Hanley being ... Hanley?

We have heard of players not hustling and being taken out of the game by their managers for it. The best part is the day after reactions to all of it. Last night Florida Marlins star Hanley Ramirez was benched by Fredi Gonzalez, the manager. In the bottom of the first Ramirez fouled a ball awfully hard off his leg and was checked by medical staff right then and there. He gave the team an okay to continue to play but he’d be on the field for only a short time. In the top of the second inning Tony Abreu, of the Arizona Diamondbacks, blooped a single over the head of Ramirez. At first Hanley was chasing it down like any other fielder but after it hit his shin he started to do something less of a jog after the ball. Gonzalez’s would bench him for the rest of the game.

Now lets fast forward to this morning.  Gonzalez said that Ramirez was not benched do to the shin injury but because of the lack of hustles.  Quote, “we felt that the effort wasn’t there that we wanted.” He later said that Cody Ross had been hit by a 95 mph fast ball but remained in the game and did not slow up his game because of the hit.

Hanley responded this way about being benched. “It’s his team. He can do whatever he [expletive] wants.” Then he responded this way about his teammates saying he should apologize. “We got a lot of people dogging it after ground balls. They don’t apologize,”  He said this on chasing the ball, “I wasn’t trying to give up. That was the hardest I could go after the ball.” The best thing he said though was this. “That’s OK. He doesn’t understand that. He never played in the big leagues,” and “He” in this comment is of course the manager.

So if you haven’t grasped the concept yet, Hanley seems to be not caring as much about the situation as people would think he would. He says he did his best and that being taken out of the game was a load of garbage. I can tell you this much. Hanley needs to relax before he becomes the next Ramirez to be given the slogan “Manny being Manny” even though “Hanley being Hanley” does have a nice ring to it.

The Marlins aren’t known for playing players but Ramirez was a different case. They gave him a 6 year 70+mil contract extension to remain in Florida. Ramirez is touted as a top 3 short stop in the game if not number 1 but this isn’t the way to keep a good image. Hanley needs to stop being Hanley and start being a Marlin. Like Fredi said, and I quote, “I got 25 guys all wearing the same uniform with all of the same Marlins insignia on the front and I think it’s disappointing if anybody did it, not just one guy.” Sorry Hanley, just because you’re a marquee guy does not mean you can do what you want.

-Timmy Dimas

All quotes provided in the article was thanks to The New York Post, and ESPN

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