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In his possible destination jersey and new number

I spent part 1 discussing who would lead the Nets into battle next year. Part 2 will be about the guy who will be the face of the media world until he decides what he wants to do with his career. For a lot of Nets fans, also mine, hope LeBron James will wear a Nets uniform come next year.

James is the golden boy. The one they call the King. The King didn’t show up this post season and now is looking like a prince but that isn’t stopping teams like the Nets, Bulls, Knicks, Clippers etc on going after him. Why would it? 2 time MVP and he’s only 25. Like he said at his press conference after his horrendous game 5 against the Celtics, ” I have a lot of basketball left…” and yes he does.

How do the Nets go about this off season in obtaining him this off season. They are given a 100-1 chance to land him by the New York Post and everyone says it’s not a good situation for him. My question is, the Knicks are? The Knicks are going into next season with Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari as the face of their franchise. David Lee is gone as of right now and Sergio Rodriguez and Tony Douglas aren’t anywhere close to being what LeBron needs to get a title. Neither is having Eddy Curry as your starting center. People say well their going to get Chris Bosh. Well okay wonderful but after you blow 17million to each player what will you have left? mid level exception to sign Brad Miller? Two second round draft picks? Not to spend the time on beating up on the Knicks but I have to put my words out there.

The Nets have a point guard that can run the show. His name is Devin Harris. The Nets have a top 5 if not 3 center in the league. His name is Brook Lopez. They also have two other top 10 picks on their roster, Yi Jianlian and Terrence Williams. I know Yi isn’t huge but he was drafted #6 overall and he has the ability to play. LeBron made the players around him look like all-stars, Yi will benefit too. Courtney Lee is better then Anthony Parker and Chris Douglas-Roberts is a player that has tons of potential especially coming from a John Calipari system at Memphis. Kris Humphries is there too and he isn’t horrible. Better then Anderson Verajo for sure.

Now those are the players that are already on the team. What about the draft? Three top 31 picks? A top-4 pick without a doubt? The Nets are in a rebuilding mode but if all goes right, LBJ will be the piece they need to make this rebuilding a micro fix. And why shouldn’t he come to NJ? Sure it’s not a huge market but neither is Cleveland and LBJ isn’t poor. New York City is a 30 minute drive and if I’m not mistaken the Nets will be in Brooklyn by 2012. LeBron is part of Roc Nation Athlete’s which is run by Brooklyn native Jay-Z. There are a lot of pro’s for LBJ to come to NJ. May I also add that there is a billion dollar owner who only cares about winning and not money? Truthfully I haven’t heard a bad one yet. If you read this and have one please feel free to add it.

LeBron is the NBA’s best player. The league goes as he goes. Would the NBA Finals have been bigger had he made it? Of course which is why he needs to go to a team that has pieces to get him there. The New Jersey Nets ( Soon to be New York Nets) have some and almost all the pieces he needs to be a part of a good team.

Part 3 will cover Free Agents. Who the Nets should try and get and possible trade moves. Stick around for that.

-Timmy Dimas

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LeBron James has every reason to stay in Cleveland. He was born and raised in Akron. He is the face of an entire city, state, and franchise. Money isn’t an issue, because he’ll still get a max contract to stay. He could be the star that stays with one team his whole career and “makes” a city, like Jordan did in Chicago and Kobe is doing in LA. He could forever make Cleveland synonymous with LeBron James.

But, at the same time, LeBron James has every reason to leave Cleveland. Upper management has shown that they can’t give him the pieces around him to win a championship. With New York calling, the largest media market in the world could propel him from the face of the NBA to the face of worldwide basketball, into an upper tier that only Jordan has achieved. He could become a BRAND. He could be the biggest icon in the most recognizable city on a historically frustrated but also historically rich team. LeBron loves challenges and what better a challenge than having the job of turning the Knicks around 180 degrees, back to the days when the Garden was rocking so loud you could hear it in Times Square? That would be his. All his.

This is where the problem begins. One case is just as legitimate as the other and the only thing that matters now is exactly what LeBron decides to do. And that is what he has kept guarded like classified government information. It’s not like people haven’t asked. It’s a constant topic in his interviews. But, every time it is asked, he dances around it just as easily as he does the futile defenders that stand in his way on the court.

So what are we to think? Truthfully, all we can do is over-analyze, run in circles, and draw unsubstantiated conclusions.

Guys make fun of girls many times for being interested in celebrity gossip, but this is exactly what we’re doing! This is our Brad and Angelina drama! This is our lead-up to the season finale of The Bachelor? Who will Lebron give the rose to? The glitzy and glamorous blonde that is New York City, or the All-American, Midwestern sweetheart in Cleveland?

We won’t know until July and we’ll be tearing our hair out over it until then. Your future depends on this. Choose wisely, Chosen One.


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