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There is no doubt that the National Basketball Association’s 2010 free agency period left a deep impact in both the media and the public’s eye. The overall depth of the free agent class was so great that practically everyone declared there had been no other like it. Like the exodus of the Jews from Egypt a host of player’s chose to take their talents to a new team and start fresh. Nearly the entire landscape of the NBA changed in a matter of days and now we are left to pick up the pieces and figure out what is what and which teams are feeling good about their chances to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy in June.


The first half of this article will give some insight into the conference that lost a number of players to free agency but still has a number of threats that can legitimately vie for the title in June. The Western Conference may not have the same depth that we grew accustomed to in recent years. The playoff teams are listed at the end of the article.


Northwest Division


Minnesota Timberwolves

09-10 W-L: 15-67


With new coach Kurt Rambis and his hybrid-triangle offense the Timberwolves struggled to get any kind of synchronization and faltered to a paltry 15 win season. In the offseason they lost Al Jefferson, but as a player mainly known for scoring only is there any hope that the Wolves can get better on defense? They do have Kevin Love who played with Team USA in the World Championships and they gave Darko Milicic $16 million over 4 years to be their center so it seems they have the two big men they want. GM David Kahn still has to work with the point guard mess he has created, drafting Johnny Flynn but this offseason adding Sebastian Telfair with European blue-chipper Ricky Rubio still to come. They may not be contending this season but at least there are a few pieces to work with.


Utah Jazz

09-10 W-L: 53-29


The Utah Jazz may be the one team who lost the most players this offseason. With Carlos Boozer, Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver all going to Chicago PG Deron Williams will have to adjust to new addition Al Jefferson, who the Jazz believe can fill Boozer’s shoes along with Paul Millsap. Mehmet Okur, who missed most of the previous season due to injury, is hoping to make an impact with the team and there is no doubt that Williams will have them playing at a high enough level, but will it be enough to compete with the likes of the Thunder and Lakers in the playoffs?


Portland Trail Blazers

09-10 W-L: 50-32


A team that many said could have legitimately challenged the Lakers last season, the Blazers’ season started going the wrong way when top draft pick Greg Oden went down with yet another leg injury. Management did a nice job of filling the void by acquiring Marcus Camby, but an injury to backup center Joel Przybilla left the Blazers with little depth up front, and they soon found themselves without Brandon Roy as they were ousted by the Suns in the playoffs. Like with many teams the Blazers hope that this season will be the one where everything comes together. Barring injury there is a good chance that the Blazers do very well and make it deep into the playoffs, but injuries may always be lurking. Where the frontcourt had its issues, the backcourt is the virtual opposite. There is a great deal of talent and experience, with veteran PG Andre Miller and the talented Jerryd Bayless running the plays. There is one issue that the Blazers have and that is the unhappiness of backup SG Rudy Fernandez. Unsatisfied with his playing time, he has expressed his wishes to be released so that he may pursue and contract in Spain. It’s unlikely that the Blazers will release him, but in time they may be able to trade him and find a complementary piece to their core of Roy, Oden and PF LaMarcus Aldridge.


Denver Nuggets

09-10 W-L: 53-29


This year may be the swan song of the current group of Nuggets, with many core players’ contracts expiring and head coach George Karl in the last year of his deal. All of this doesn’t even include the Carmelo Anthony saga that really dampers the Nuggets’ chances of going all the way this season. It’s clear that Anthony will be gone and the only questions are when and where is he going. With the Carmelo Anthony cloud hovering over and players Kenyon Martin, Chauncey Billups, Nene and J.R. Smith approaching free agency we may Denver play very well but also speed up their roster turnover if the season goes south.


Oklahoma City Thunder

09-10 W-L: 50-32


This season’s trendy pick, it’s no secret that everyone believes the Thunder are legitimate contenders with Team USA MVP SF Kevin Durant showing the talent that made him the league’s top scorer last season. With their thrilling 7 game battle against the Lakers in the playoffs the Thunder may have been one player away from being a true rival to the Lakers. They addressed their need for size by drafting Kansas C Cole Aldrich. With Aldrich, C Nenad Krstic and PFs Jeff Green, Serge Ibaka and Nick Collison the Thunder are loaded with explosive guard Russell Westbrook and supports Eric Maynor and James Harden to go with their linchpin Kevin Durant. They surprised many last year, but it won’t be a surprise if the Thunder make a deep run and maybe hoist the trophy in the end.


Southwest Division

Memphis Grizzlies

09-10 W-L: 40-42


The Grizzlies last season showed they could play with a bunch of teams. With a resurgent Zach Randolph and C Marc Gasol the Grizz have a couple of big men who can play. They may have a few issues at guard with an ineffective Mike Conley leading to SG O.J. Mayo learning the PG position. One of the more puzzling moves the Grizzlies made in the offseason was handing Rudy Gay a max contract. While Gay may be a young and talented player there really was no reason for the Grizzlies to give him a contract of that size when they were really bidding against themselves. This may cripple them in the long-term and inhibit their ability to put out a good team in the future.


Houston Rockets

09-10 W-L: 42-40


The Rockets, like the Blazers, have their issues at the center position. They’re mainstay, Yao Ming, has shown that he has plenty of troubling staying healthy as he missed much of last season with a foot injury. The Rockets management then traded Tracy McGrady, Carl Landry and Trevor Ariza and brought in Courtney Lee. With a starting group of Aaron Brooks, Kevin Martin, Shane Battier, Luis Scola and presumably a healthy Yao the Rockets may be a group that can bounce back and get into the playoffs and probably make a dent depending on the team they match up with. They also have a good bench with Kyle Lowry, Lee, and explosive Chase Budinger coming in and being able to play extended minutes if needed. Look for the Rockets to stay low throughout the season and make their way into the postseason.


New Orleans Hornets

09-10 W-L: 37-45


The Hornet’s offseason was as action packed as any other team, with Chris Paul voicing his displeasure with the team and attempting to have a trade out of the Big Easy. Management was able to keep Paul from staging a full revolt and exit, and they were able to get Trevor Ariza to start ahead of the aged and ineffective Peja Stojakovic. The Hornets have the talent with Paul, David West, Emeka Okafor, Ariza and the young Marcus Thornton. A prime concern is their bench, where they don’t have much to offer against other teams with Marco Belinelli being one of their top guys off the pine. If this season goes badly, and it may not surprise anyone if it does, look for Paul to find his way out of New Orleans ASAP.


San Antonio Spurs

09-10 W-L: 50-32


It seems that every year the Spurs are the team that you just can’t seem to write off even though the age of their core gets a year older. With Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker all taking extended breaks over the summer to rest their bodies, it’s apparent that they and head coach Gregg Popovich know that this year could be the last that we see of the Spurs and their big three. Last season they dealt with injuries to their big three but young players like George Hill and DeJuan Blair were able to fill in nicely and make the most of their playing time. This offseason they finally added Brazilian Tiago Splitter, a Spanish League MVP who they believe can be the center they need to complement Tim Duncan in the post. Splitter has some skill with the pick and roll and running on the break, but like any Euro import there remains concern over whether he has the physique to handle the rigorous 82 game season. The Spurs also resigned Richard Jefferson to a restructured contract and hope that one year in the system can give him the experience to adjust to playing with the big three. The Spurs are looking to send off Duncan with one last ride into the sunset, but their season may hinge on the quality of minutes they get from their role players.


Dallas Mavericks

09-10 W-L: 55-27


The previous season seemed like déjà vu for the Mavericks, having a great regular season but again faltering in the offseason, losing to the Spurs in the first round. They have basically the same team this year, but are looking for a big impact from point guard Rodrigue Beaubois. Sweet shooter Dirk Nowitski will always give you the points and they have some effective players in Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood, and they added Tyson Chandler to be able to compete with the length of the Lakers. They have a roster that can make an impact, but do they have the mentality to make another deep run through the playoffs like in 2006?


Pacific Division


Sacramento Kings

09-10 W-L: 25-57


The young Kings have a good young nucleus that they can conceivably work with and hopefully contend in the next few years. With Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans and top draft pick DeMarcus Cousins they hope they have an inside-out duo that can bring success on the court. They also added Carl Landry mid-season as he was showing that he could be a force in the post. With the defensive-minded Samuel Dalembert manning the middle the Kings could bring an interesting game every time they play. The development of their younger players will be key, but they already have a core group that should be ready to play sooner rather than later.


Golden State Warriors

09-10 W-L: 26-56


The Warriors are a team looking to start fresh with a new coach, removing Don Nelson from his position and replacing him with rookie head coach Keith Smart. They have exciting young players in Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis and actively attempted to improve their frontcourt by signing forward David Lee. What remains of the rest of the team is a mystery with the entire team built to run and run some more in Don Nelson’s run-and-gun style. With a new coach how will the Warriors play and how effective, if at all, will they be? It’s doubtful they will contend and having players go from a pure offensive mindset to one with defense may be difficult to do this season.


Los Angeles Clippers

09-10 W-L: 29-53


The Clippers haven’t been good the past few years, and ever since their 47-35 season in 2005 their win totals decreased every year. They did win 29 games last year, but their top draft pick, Blake Griffin, went down early with a knee injury and missed the entire season. If Griffin can stay healthy this season they may be able to improve their record. The talent is there, with Baron Davis and Eric Gordon in the backcourt and Chris Kaman the main man in the paint. The Clippers have a shot at the playoffs if they can stay healthy, which is a lot better than what they’ve achieved the past few seasons.


Phoenix Suns

09-10 W-L: 54-28


After making a run to the Western Conference Finals the Suns became one of the victims of the free agent bonanza, losing marquee big man Amare Stoudemire to the Knicks. They did reload, adding Hedo Turkoglu and Josh Childress, but they only have Robin Lopez in the middle. Much of the roster remains intact, with Steve Nash still playing and his backup Goran Dragic fresh of a breakout playoff season.  They still have Jason Richardson, Grant Hill and Channing Frye, but the loss of Stoudemire may be too much to overcome with the Lakers still the top of the class.


Los Angeles Lakers

09-10 W-L: 57-25


As the defending NBA Champions, the Lakers truly earned their back-to-back, finishing off their season in a seven game series against the Celtics that they battled through until the final minute. This offseason they didn’t lose any true impact players, the loss of Jordan Farmar being the most significant. They added Steve Blake and Matt Barnes, bringing in a ballhandler and a defender to reload in their bid for a third straight title. They do have issues with health, with center Andrew Bynum delaying surgery until late in the summer and having no set timetable for his return. Kobe is also recovering from knee surgery, and it remains to be seen how he will handle this season. The Lakers probably will go for the marathon approach, trying to make the playoffs while sustaining the team’s overall health. They still have Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest to carry the load and they will be ready for the playoffs.


Playoff Teams (not seeded):

Los Angeles Lakers

Oklahoma City Thunder

Portland Trail Blazers

Dallas Mavericks

Houston Rockets

Utah Jazz

San Antonio Spurs

Denver Nuggets



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12-70: Every New Jersey Nets fan will remember that number for years to come and this off-season will need to be flawless if Nets fans don’t want a repeat of what happened last year. Being a big time Nets fan, I decided, why not share my views on the topic and tell everyone my idea for the team? People, understand these are facts filled with ideas that I THINK WOULD BE GOOD! I will break down this post into three parts. This is Part One.

The Coach

First, of course, has to be the head coaching position. You can’t run a team if you don’t have a head coach. Just ask the Denver Nuggets. The two coaches I feel are great for the job are Jeff Van Gundy (430-318 Career W/L) and Avery Johnson (194-70 Career W/L).

Jeff Van Gundy is a coach with a great track record. From coaching the Knicks from 1995 until the beginning of 2002 and making the playoffs every year, to going to coach the Huston Rockets from 2003-2007 and making the playoffs every year but one (05-06). I would love for him to take the reins in New Jersey as coach.

Avery Johnson started his career as a coach in 2004 with the Dallas Mavericks and ended it in 2008. He coached two 60+ win seasons and one 50+ win season in his four years. Tell me that isn’t impressive and of course he had a star player named Dirk Nowitzki as well as Devin Harris, who was traded to the New Jersey Nets. Avery Johnson brings that fight a team needs as well as a good defensive coaching philosophy and strong work ethic.

John Calipari. I will say this once and only once. Though Calipari has a great track record as a COLLEGE coach he isn’t what we called NBA material unlike his players that only stay with him for one year. Example: Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans and this year John Wall. Both Rose and Evans earned Rookie of the Year Awards in back to back seasons and John Wall is the favored to win as well even though he has yet to be drafted. I know people will say “Well Hey, If he comes to the Nets he can take John Wall again, bring Lebron James in and then he’s good.” Yes that seems so fitting but the chances of all that happening are very tough. I rather take LBJ and Wall without Calipari.

The Nets need to go for experience right now. They need a coach that can come in and take control of the situation at hand and not worry about needing star players right away. Perfect example would be Scott Skiles, the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. He went to a team with really no super star and a really high draft pick, Brandon Jennings, and made it to the playoffs and almost got out of the first round. The Nets will have a high first round pick, of course and also two more picks in the top 31 to play with. Also Terrence Williams and Brook Lopez to but as corner stones of this team.

My Coach: I would choose Avery Johnson. He had Harris in Dallas and knows him well. He’s a coach that knows what he is doing and if he gets what he wants out of his players they will make big strides for success. Nets knew owner, Russian Billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov has given the Okay for Avery to be coach, I do too. Avery of course is a New Orleans boy and rumors link him to the Hornets vacant position. My hope is he goes to the Nets.

Part 2 will be up later on. Topic: Lebron James

-Tim Dimas

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