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“First off I’d like to thank everyone for coming. This decision was a long and hard one to make. After heavy consideration from my family and friends I have decided to take my journey through the NBA else where. I’d like to thank the Cleveland Cavaliers organization and my teammates who I’ve had the great pleasure of playing with during my time here. I would like to thank the fans the most for coming out and cheering the loudest they could ever night. The city of Cleveland, Ohio has been more then just a place for me to play basketball. It has been my home since birth. Growing up in Akron made me the man I am today and I won’t forget that. I love Cleveland. It will always be my home but today I have decided to go else where. Today I open a new chapter in my career in hopes that the dreams I have, which have been¬†overshadowed by failure, will be succeeded.

The team I have¬†chosen to join for the next part in my career has what I’m looking for. The desire to win. The players that share the passion I have for the game. Basketball isn’t just a game. It is life to me. This team is going to help me in my life and make it a successful one. I’ve spent this past week talking to numerous teams. I would like to thank The Miami Heat, The New Jersey Nets, The New York Knicks, The Los Angeles Clippers, The Chicago Bulls and of course the Cleveland Cavaliers for all their time. They spent months I am sure getting a plan ready to sell to me for their team and not make me only apart of it but apart of their family. And so my decision has been made. I have picked the Miami Heat as my new team. I will join Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Pat Riley and the Heat organization. I felt that this would be the place I could win and I’d be happy with my decision. Again thank you Cleveland for all you have given me. I hope you will still follow me and support me throughout my career.”

My rendition of the speech LeBron James will give on ESPN when he announces his decision to join the Miami Heat.

-Tim Dimas


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A Face Knick Fans will have if LeBron Doesn't Join the Team

Don’t mean to be rude and bashful of Amar’e Stoudemire but to be honest he isn’t what the Knicks need or should invest 100 million dollars on. The guy is a great offensive machine but that’s when he has a point guard that can feed him the ball. Who do the Knicks have that can do so? Wilson Chandler. The thought process behind this as the story has been from the media is that Stoudemire was promised to LeBron James in the meeting that took place this past Saturday. Reports are that the Knicks offered to options for LeBron to choose that would satisfy him and bring him to NYC. First one was he took the max contract and then either Chris Bosh, Stoudemire or Joe Johnson would join him or he could take a 5 year deal, not max contract, and the Knicks could afford to get 2 of the 3 guys mentions. Yes they got Amar’e but Joe Johnson today is expected to sign papers to remain with the Hawks and Chris Bosh is out of the question now that Amar’e is “signed”.

The Knicks I feel went in the wrong direction though. Yes Amar’e is a fantastic player but he is not worth a max deal nor does he bring to the table what, who I believe NY should have went after hard, Chris Bosh. Bosh is a better all around player and can create more for himself. LeBron met with Bosh during the off season and not Stoudemire to discuss his plans so question is why would the Knicks go in the opposite direction? Truthfully I am not surprised at this move at all. It is the Knicks. The team known for its ridiculous contracts, ie: Jerome James 5 years 50 million dollar deal a couple years back. What did that get them? Him sitting on the bench more then on the court. The Knicks went into the draft with two second round picks and didn’t try to make a move in the first round. What are they trying to sell to James? Chandler and Danilo Gallinari. They aren’t that appealing and reports are LeBron was not thrilled about the meeting he had with the Knicks stating they were “unprepared”. Of course there are conflicting reports stating he loved what NY had to offer. What to believe right? Well you can believe this. If LeBron doesn’t sign with the Knicks then fans get ready to see your team built around an injury prone center. Yes another one for Knick fans to deal with over the years. And yes Amar’e has said he can get Tony Parker and Carmelo Anthony next year but as a fan I wouldn’t care because I couldn’t stand sitting and watching the Knicks have another losing season.

-Tim Dimas

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LeBron James has every reason to stay in Cleveland. He was born and raised in Akron. He is the face of an entire city, state, and franchise. Money isn’t an issue, because he’ll still get a max contract to stay. He could be the star that stays with one team his whole career and “makes” a city, like Jordan did in Chicago and Kobe is doing in LA. He could forever make Cleveland synonymous with LeBron James.

But, at the same time, LeBron James has every reason to leave Cleveland. Upper management has shown that they can’t give him the pieces around him to win a championship. With New York calling, the largest media market in the world could propel him from the face of the NBA to the face of worldwide basketball, into an upper tier that only Jordan has achieved. He could become a BRAND. He could be the biggest icon in the most recognizable city on a historically frustrated but also historically rich team. LeBron loves challenges and what better a challenge than having the job of turning the Knicks around 180 degrees, back to the days when the Garden was rocking so loud you could hear it in Times Square? That would be his. All his.

This is where the problem begins. One case is just as legitimate as the other and the only thing that matters now is exactly what LeBron decides to do. And that is what he has kept guarded like classified government information. It’s not like people haven’t asked. It’s a constant topic in his interviews. But, every time it is asked, he dances around it just as easily as he does the futile defenders that stand in his way on the court.

So what are we to think? Truthfully, all we can do is over-analyze, run in circles, and draw unsubstantiated conclusions.

Guys make fun of girls many times for being interested in celebrity gossip, but this is exactly what we’re doing! This is our Brad and Angelina drama! This is our lead-up to the season finale of The Bachelor? Who will Lebron give the rose to? The glitzy and glamorous blonde that is New York City, or the All-American, Midwestern sweetheart in Cleveland?

We won’t know until July and we’ll be tearing our hair out over it until then. Your future depends on this. Choose wisely, Chosen One.


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