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Picture uploaded by Mason Jr.'s friend and current St. Johns Center Sean Evans (@shizzy5)

Former St. Johns Red Storm star forward Anthony Mason Jr. has “taken his talents to South Beach” after reaching an agreement with the Miami Heat yesterday.

Tweet from the Official Miami Heat Twitter account announcing the news.

Mason Jr. attended and played for St. Johns University for the past 5 years. In 99 career games in which he started 86 of them he averaged 10.7 points, 5.2 rebounds and 2.1 assist. Mason Jr. is the son of NBA great Anthony Mason.

Anthony is right at home in Florida, where he was born, but still has to make the final cut October 15 but has made a lot of people at the University very proud by getting the invite to join a team that is loaded with all-stars LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

The WSJU guys would like to wish Anthony a great deal of success in Miami and will keep everyone updated on his status throughout the season.

-Tim Dimas


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LCD-LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade

It’s been a couple days since LeBron James has announced his decision to join the Miami Heat. I had to sit back and really absorb what had happened that night. At first and for most of the next day I was in a state of disbelief and was very upset about his decision. I couldn’t understand why he would make a move like that. Of course me being a Nets fan I wanted him in NJ even though I knew those chances were slim to none. As the days went on I started to get really excited about the move. Here is why, History.

I’m in the mood to ‘witness’ history down in Miami. 72 wins in a season broken? I’ll take it. A possible 6 peat? I’ll take it. What about 7 or 8 straight titles. Is it possible? I think not but how surreal would it be to see that done.

I’m not mad at LeBron for going down to Miami. He did what he wanted. What made him happy. Cleveland fans need to get over it. He did things for YOU guys not the other way around. He entertained YOU. He brought basketball back to YOU. It was the ORGANIZATION that didn’t do anything for YOU. You guys are all pumped after Dan Gilbert’s e-mail? Where was that passion when LeBron was there. You went out and got Antwan Jamison? Why not Amar’e Stoudemire like LBJ wanted. Cleveland it isn’t LeBron’s fault for leaving. It’s the ORGANIZATIONS and I will stand by it. So go ahead and throw you little fits and rant about how much you hate LBJ but remember he was the guy that gave it his all every night. He was the one that put on a show and gave Cleveland a name. Remember it was Dan Gilbert who didn’t do the necessary things to help LBJ to win. Know that Pat Riley will.

The Miami Heat have never looked so clear and prime to win as they do now in LCD.

-Timmy Dimas

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“First off I’d like to thank everyone for coming. This decision was a long and hard one to make. After heavy consideration from my family and friends I have decided to take my journey through the NBA else where. I’d like to thank the Cleveland Cavaliers organization and my teammates who I’ve had the great pleasure of playing with during my time here. I would like to thank the fans the most for coming out and cheering the loudest they could ever night. The city of Cleveland, Ohio has been more then just a place for me to play basketball. It has been my home since birth. Growing up in Akron made me the man I am today and I won’t forget that. I love Cleveland. It will always be my home but today I have decided to go else where. Today I open a new chapter in my career in hopes that the dreams I have, which have been overshadowed by failure, will be succeeded.

The team I have chosen to join for the next part in my career has what I’m looking for. The desire to win. The players that share the passion I have for the game. Basketball isn’t just a game. It is life to me. This team is going to help me in my life and make it a successful one. I’ve spent this past week talking to numerous teams. I would like to thank The Miami Heat, The New Jersey Nets, The New York Knicks, The Los Angeles Clippers, The Chicago Bulls and of course the Cleveland Cavaliers for all their time. They spent months I am sure getting a plan ready to sell to me for their team and not make me only apart of it but apart of their family. And so my decision has been made. I have picked the Miami Heat as my new team. I will join Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Pat Riley and the Heat organization. I felt that this would be the place I could win and I’d be happy with my decision. Again thank you Cleveland for all you have given me. I hope you will still follow me and support me throughout my career.”

My rendition of the speech LeBron James will give on ESPN when he announces his decision to join the Miami Heat.

-Tim Dimas

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A Face Knick Fans will have if LeBron Doesn't Join the Team

Don’t mean to be rude and bashful of Amar’e Stoudemire but to be honest he isn’t what the Knicks need or should invest 100 million dollars on. The guy is a great offensive machine but that’s when he has a point guard that can feed him the ball. Who do the Knicks have that can do so? Wilson Chandler. The thought process behind this as the story has been from the media is that Stoudemire was promised to LeBron James in the meeting that took place this past Saturday. Reports are that the Knicks offered to options for LeBron to choose that would satisfy him and bring him to NYC. First one was he took the max contract and then either Chris Bosh, Stoudemire or Joe Johnson would join him or he could take a 5 year deal, not max contract, and the Knicks could afford to get 2 of the 3 guys mentions. Yes they got Amar’e but Joe Johnson today is expected to sign papers to remain with the Hawks and Chris Bosh is out of the question now that Amar’e is “signed”.

The Knicks I feel went in the wrong direction though. Yes Amar’e is a fantastic player but he is not worth a max deal nor does he bring to the table what, who I believe NY should have went after hard, Chris Bosh. Bosh is a better all around player and can create more for himself. LeBron met with Bosh during the off season and not Stoudemire to discuss his plans so question is why would the Knicks go in the opposite direction? Truthfully I am not surprised at this move at all. It is the Knicks. The team known for its ridiculous contracts, ie: Jerome James 5 years 50 million dollar deal a couple years back. What did that get them? Him sitting on the bench more then on the court. The Knicks went into the draft with two second round picks and didn’t try to make a move in the first round. What are they trying to sell to James? Chandler and Danilo Gallinari. They aren’t that appealing and reports are LeBron was not thrilled about the meeting he had with the Knicks stating they were “unprepared”. Of course there are conflicting reports stating he loved what NY had to offer. What to believe right? Well you can believe this. If LeBron doesn’t sign with the Knicks then fans get ready to see your team built around an injury prone center. Yes another one for Knick fans to deal with over the years. And yes Amar’e has said he can get Tony Parker and Carmelo Anthony next year but as a fan I wouldn’t care because I couldn’t stand sitting and watching the Knicks have another losing season.

-Tim Dimas

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On a day where all the buzz surroundedLeBron James, two players who were plan b for a lot of teams resigned to their respected teams. Joe Johnson is reported to be likely staying with the Atlanta Hawks after receiving a 6 year 116 million dollar contract and Rudy Gay has verbally agreed to remain with the Grizzles for 80+ million over the next 4 years. To both these players I’d like to say I guess money talks.

I personally don’t think these two were wise on their decisions. Both player have tremendous talent and could have gone to a team with a good shot at the title but decided to take the cash and stay.

Rudy Gay was highly looked at by the New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers. Joe Johnson was favored by the Chicago Bulls, Nets, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and other teams but decided to return to his teammates in Atlanta for another 6 years.

Out of the two I figured at least Gay would leave Memphis and head to a team with a chance but he decided to remain with a team that other then O.J. Mayo has no real talent that can take them to the next level. Joe Johnson returns to a Hawks team that have build strong chemistry next year and could be a free agent away from being better this upcoming season and move further into the playoffs.

In other FA news, Drew Gooden reached agreement with the Miluwakee Bucks and Darko Milicic signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves for a reported $20 million dollar deal and now there are talks that Al Jefferson is on his way out of Minny and could be headed to the New York Knicks or Memphis Grizzlies.

John Salmons is reported to be on his way back to the Bucks

Richard Jefferson who opted out of his contract with the San Antonio Spurs says he wants to rejoin the Nets or head over to the Knicks. I personally would welcome him back to New Jersey. I was extremely upset about the team trading him away couple years back.

So for now most teams plan b are off the table but a slew of other players still remain. Quite frankly though no one really cares about any player besides LeBron James.

-Timmy Dimas

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Nets future

Though draft night was two nights ago I didn’t get my chance to give my insight on the drafting of former Georgia Tech Freshman Derrick Favors.

When David Stern stepped to announce the New Jersey Nets pick (3rd overall) three names, ironic I know, came to my mind. DeMarcus Cousins (5th overall to the Sacramento Kings) Wesley Johnson (4th overall to the Minnesota Timberwolves) and Derrick Favors. The Nets choose Favors and all the suspense of Nets fans were over.

Derrick is a young and raw talent that will need molding if he is to be a NBA power forward but the Nets think they can do it. Favors averaged 12 points per game for GT to go along with 8 rebounds. Nothing mouth dropping but solid numbers. Favors is coming to a team that unless they sign a top free agent PF could get the nod opening day and play down low with Brook Lopez.

I look forward to seeing Favors up close and in person next year and hope that the Nets can groom him the right way. He has the talent and athleticism to be great but he has to show he wants that to happen. I hope LeBron James sees what the Nets see and decides Favors was a great choice that will with Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, Courtney Lee and the rest of the Nets team help him win a championship. (Yes I had to add LeBron. It’s all NBA Fans care about right now)

-Timmy Dims

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If Izzo heads to the NBA he won't be cutting down anymore nets.

ESPN 1050NY is reporting that sources close to Michigan State coach Tom Izzo say he is leaving East Lansing and is headed to the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Honestly, this comes as a great surprise because, with all the success he has had at the college level, why would he go down what seems to be the dark road that many have gone down before with little success, the college to pro transition?

Ask John Calipari, Rick Pitino, and Tim Floyd how hard it is. Guys who have been well-regarded in college just can’t seem to find their footing at the pro level. Maybe it’s the difference in player personality, maybe it’s the level of competition, but there is something that just doesn’t translate.

There are two important things to consider. Firstly, why would he want to leave? With Lucas, Summers, Roe, and Green all returning to Michigan State, it seems they have a solid shot at winning the National Title. Clearly, if these reports are true, college has lost its allure to Izzo. If there is any chance to win it all again, this year is the year.

The other thing is this: what does it mean for the LeBron sweepstakes? LeBron has said nothing about hand-picking a coach or GM, and, outside of the Larry King interview, has not tipped his hand about where he may land.

In my opinion, Izzo would be going to Cleveland in hopes that LeBron will stay, but Izzo’s presence will not influence James as to where he will go. One must remember, in 2000, Atlanta offered Izzo a job and he turned it down. That was clearly because there was no chance to win. But, the thing is that, if LeBron leaves, Cleveland becomes that 2000 Hawks team. Izzo would really be rolling the dice.

Coach K was smart to turn down the Nets job this year, and it would be prudent for Izzo to stay where he is and make a run at the National Title this year.  But, the bright lights of the NBA and the prospect of coaching LeBron may be too strong to refuse this time around for Coach Izzo.

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